Clean Crawlspaces are a relatively new technology used to reduce excessive humidity, prevent mold growth, and eliminate unhealthy conditions in crawl spaces. The process completely isolates the crawl space from the ground and outside air by lining the foundation walls and crawlspace floor with a extra-heavy reinforced vapor barrier and installing either a dehumidifier or a conditioning system. The goal is to completely eliminate outside air and ground moisture from entering the building envelope. The crawlspace is no longer neglected, and instead is treated as a part of the home like a basement.

A clean crawlspace protects your home from:

  • Condensation
  • Mold
  • Wood Rot
  • Outside Air
  • Odors
  • Bugs, Rodents & Critters
  • Poor indoor Air Quality
  • Cold floors

Mold is present in every home and the outdoors, but without moisture, it can’t grow. We recommend a Humidity level of below 60%.  When we complete a custom crawl space repair for you.  We will provide you them means to measure the temperature and the humidity level without going into the crawlspace.

Your crawlspace is the largest source of moisture in your home. Mold will grow on any organic material in a crawlspace, but mainly the wood floor joists. Mold grows by forming spores, and disseminating these spores into the air (this is a common means of exposure for people). Everyday mold releases spores into the air of your crawlspace, but the mold doesn’t stop in the crawlspace. It travels into the living space through cavities in the sub floors from the plumbing and wiring, registered vents, inside accesses, and especially the heating and air system.